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Three Bears floor cushion

Here’s a quick and easy sewing project for the home or studio.

The Octagonal design top and base creates a modern geometric style and looks great made in medium weight cottons. Three sizes mean this floor cushion is pretty handy for lots of different uses so your only problem will be choosing which size you like best. To hell with it make one of each!

With segmented sides this design enables you to get creative and mix fabrics for a fun effect.

This blog post supports my sewing pattern available on Etsy and will show you photos, tips and tricks to succeed. Also see a video on my Youtube channel for extra visual support.

Get the sewing pattern HERE

There are 3 sizes to choose from:

  • Small – Finished 10″ wide / 4″ deep
  • Medium – Finished 13″ wide / 5″ deep
  • Large – Finished 17″ wide / 6″ deep

What you’ll need before you start:


  • Small – 30cm fabric + 9″ closed zip
  • Medium – 50cm fabric + 12″ closed zip
  • Large – 70cm fabric + 15″ closed zip
  • Filling of your choice (see ‘How to fill a Pouf‘ blog post)

Tools and equipment: Sewing machine, threads and sharp scissors.

TOP TIP – If you have a zipper foot this will help you achieve a neater finish inserting your zip into the base. And a 1/4″ foot guide is very helpful as all seam allowances in this pattern are 1/4″.


x 8 sides / x 2 base / x 1 top

Note – 1/4/” seam allowances are included

2. ZIP

Attach zip face down to right side of one base. Use a zipper foot if you have one this will achieve a much neater finish. Attach zip to other base piece and PRESS seams open (careful not to melt the zip)


Sew sides together one by one right sides together until you have joined all 8 then join the first to the last to form a ring. PRESS seams open as you go. TOP TIP – Keep your eye on the top and bottom of each piece as the top is smaller than the base.

Freckles three bears floor cushion sewing pattern

4. TOP

Freckles three bears floor cushion sewing pattern

Join top piece to the sides. With the ring inside out join the top, use side seams as pivot points as you make your way around. I found it easiest to work with the top under the sewing machine first.


Join base to the cushion in the same way as the top, sewing carefully straight over the zip at either end.

IMPORTANT make sure that zip pull is open before sewing and will end up in the base and not outside the seam.


Using your preferred filling method. I chose to fill my cushion with beans from an old bean bag but you can stuff your cushion lots of different ways.

See blog post ‘HOW TO STUFF A POUF’

I hope that you enjoyed this project as much as me. I made all three sizes using denim from old jeans and my family each have their favourite size. I particularly like the Small one as a little meditation cushion but the cat likes the largest one.

Play around with fabrics and please share your makes with me @frecklesandcocraft

Happy sewing, Linzi x

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