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Skull Flag

This is project was inspired by my Bobby Bunting pattern which uses this pennant flag shape and I wanted to create a simple Halloween project suitable for all ages.

To prepare you will need the Sewing templates which are available now in my Etsy shop plus the tools and materials listed below.

Tools needed:

  • Scissors (paper and sharp fabric)
  • Sewing needle


  • Embroidery threads of your choice (I used Black / White / Red / Green / Yellow / Purple)
  • Felt mixed colours
  • Wool for tassle and hanger
  • Small dowel, twig or even a pencil would work.
  • (Optional window sucker)

Skills required: Cutting small templates/ Threading, cutting, knotting thread / Running stitch

Let’s get started

CUT OUT all your pieces first and layer to make sure you have all the pieces.

1 SEW SKULL to flag first using a small running stitch around the edges. Only sew through one layer of flag, we will fold the flag later.

2 SEW EYES by layering the black socket circles on top of the flower petal shape and sewing through all four layers (socket/petal/skull/flag)

3 SEW NOSE into position

4 SEW CENTER FLOWER by decorating one of the coloured circles with contrasting colour thread as I did.

5 SEW LEAVES in position to peek out from behind the flowers coming next.

6 SEW FLOWERS – Sew the other 2 flowers on top of the leaves.

The back may look a little messy but this will be hidden when we fold the flag in half.

7 SEW TEETH with double thread strands

8 MAKE TASSLE (Optional) Finish off your flag with a tassle. Quickly make tassels by wrapping wool around a rectangle the same length as you want your tassel to be. See how to make tassels HERE

If adding a tassle, secure to pointy end of flag on the inside.

At this point you could consider making your flag double sided, if you are hanging in a window for example.

9 SEW FLAG by folding the flag template in half with your design on the outside.

10 HANGER – hang your flag with a simple wool string. Tie the two ends of wool to make a circle and then hook the ring around your dowel ends.

Now hang your flag up with pride and wait for the ghouls to come.

For more Halloween project ideas see HERE making a felt pumpkin, drawstring trick or treat bag or some Halloween bunting.

Happy Halloween!

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