Pumpkin Pouf by Freckles and Co
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Pumpkin Pouf

Three Bears Floor cushion – Pumpkin edit

Pumpkin pouf by Freckles and Co

I couldn’t resist making the Three bears pouf as a Pumpkin!!

Quick and easy to do just grab the Three bears cushion sewing pattern (available in my Etsy shop if you don’t already have it)

Choose an Orange and Green cotton to work with and an orange zip to co-ordinate.

I used The Bear essentials 4 cottons from Stitch Studio but if you have some scraps laying around you could even vary the shade on each segment for effect…

To make the leaf you’ll need a couple of pieces of green felt and a big green button.

Grab a copy of the leaf pattern on PDF to download in my Sewing Club page (join my mailing list for the password).

Sizing all depends on what you want, the Three bears pattern comes in 3 sizes S/M/L and you can enlarge/reduce the leaf when printing.

Love pumpkins and want to make more check out my Felt Pumpkin tutorial

Happy Halloween Folks!

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