Christmas Pudding Pom Poms by Freckles and Co Craft
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Pom Pom Puddings

Quick and easy Christmas pudding Pom Poms to decorate your tree or adorn gifts with.

Here’s what you’ll need to create these Pom Poms:

And here’s how to do it in 12 easy steps.

Step 1 – Brown

Fill one whole side of your pom pom maker in solid brown wool.

Step 2 – White

On the opposite side fil the a central segment of White wool.

Step 3 – Brown again

Fill in the side gaps around the white wool with brown.

Step 4 – Brown

Fill any remaining space with brown completely covering any white wool visible.

Step 5 – Cut

Cut down the center of your Pom Pom keeping the maker closed and the strands secure.

Step 6 – Tie

Take a long string of white wool and wrap it tightly into the pom pom maker splitting your pom pom in half ready to tie.

Step 7 – Tie

Tie a double of triple knot as tight as possible making sure the knot slips down inside the pom pom maker.

Step 8 – Open

Open the pom pom maker carefully.

Step 9 – Remove

Remove your pom from the maker, throw it around and don’t panic about how messy it looks! Just a couple more steps to go.

Step 10 – Haircut

Give your Pom a really good haircut to clean it up and make it tidy.

Step 11 – Holly

Embellish your Pom with a sprig of Holly. Make a small hole in the center to thread onto your Pom Pom string.

Step 12 – Button

Tie a big red button on to the top of your Pud to give the illusion of berries.

TA DA you are finished!

Well done you have completed your Pudding Pom! Now set about making lots, maybe have a food fight or learn to Juggle with them this Christmas.

Also try making smaller puddings and stringing them onto a little garland.

Christmas Pudding Pom Poms by Freckles and Co Craft

I do hope that you enjoyed this make, see many more in my Craft section and show me how it went with #frecklesmakes on social media.

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