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Paper Poppies DIY

These giant flowers are so much fun to make and look great as decoration around the house or maybe props for a party .

Tools and materials you will need:

  • Red Cardstock 200gsm x3
  • Black Cardstock 200gsm x1 (flower center)
  • Black Wool for pompom centre
  • Green Pipe cleaner
  • Long darning needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Kitchen fork (all will become clear)

Download PDF templates

FREE paper poppy template

Here’s how to make your poppy:

1 CUT OUT petals x 3 in red cardstock and create a hole right through the center by pushing a sharp pencil through all pieces.

2 TWIST and scrunch your petals one by one starting from the center up to the edges

3 CUT a long strip of black cardstock for the center Stamen of the flower and cut up into the strip to feather.

4 ROLL the stamen strip up and glue the end to secure and prevent from unravelling.

5 Next make a POM POM for the center of the flower, leaving 2 long tails attached. This is where the fork comes in unless you have a pom pom maker. See previous post ‘Quick little Poms

6 Pull all the pieces of your flower together by threading your Pom Pom tails through the Stamen Roll and then all the petals so that both wool tails are visible out of the back of the flower.

7 TIE the wool tails tightly around the center of you pipe cleaner and cut off excess wool. You can now use the pipe cleaner to create a circle hook for your flower.

Turn your flower over, position the petals how you like and there you have it, your own Paper poppy!

Once you get the hang of making these you can go crazy and play around with the size and shape of the pattern to create different colours or even different flowers using the same technique.

I hope you have enjoyed making these Paper poppies, see more projects like this and more in the Blog. Share with me on social media @frecklesandcocraft

Bye for now Linzi x

The PDF template to make these flowers is available over at Stitch for £1 all proceeds going to The British Royal Legion Poppy Appeal.

The poppy is a symbol of Remembrance and hope worn by millions of people Red because of the natural colour of field poppies

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