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How to Applique onto Fabric

Are you looking to stick lettering down or make pictures on fabric? Try Applique. Originally a French word meaning ornamental needlework where pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck on to a larger piece to form a picture or pattern.

STICK down using Bondaweb®

Bondaweb® by Vlieseline is an iron-on adhesive transfer paper perfect for joining fabric layers together. You can buy a roll or separate sheets.

Here’s how to use Bondaweb® to Applique:

  1. Draw or trace your design on the ‘Paper‘ side of the Bondaweb sheet.(Note that your design will be reversed when adhered, a particular problem when making lettering.) TOP TIP is to reverse your design, use a light box to trace the reverse side or stick your design up to a window so that you can trace the reverse.

2. Cut out your design leaving 1cm outline around all edges.

3. Place Bondaweb® cut out with the rough side (glue side) on the WRONG side of the fabric that will become the shape. Iron dry for 5 seconds.


Cut your design out now precisely to your drawn line.

Peel off paper backing

Place your shape with the Bondaweb® coated side down on the main fabric article. Then with a damp cloth iron each area for about 10 seconds.

Finish by stitching

For best results and for a long lasting finish sew your design, by hand or on a sewing machine, around the edges with a fancy little stitch like Blanket, overcast or zig zag.

Also try FREEMOTION Embroidery

This involves removing your presser foot and (if you have one) attaching a darning foot to your sewing machine. Use an embroidery hoop to tighten your fabric. Drop or cover the feed dogs on your sewing machine (under your presser foot). Then freely sew moving your hoop around to draw with stitches and secure fabrics down.

Have a go at Applique with one of my projects, see Pennant Bunting – Christmas Edit to applique lettering onto Bunting. This technique also looks great on cushions, book covers and all manner of personalised projects.

Lettering templates available on my Sewing Club resources page for FREE join HERE

Applique templates

Happy Sewing

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