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Get to know your sewing machine

Do you have a new sewing machine at home still in its box? Maybe you’ve used it once or twice but yet to make the most of its capability. Have you been given a machine but haven’t a clue how to work it?

This is a really common position to be and if this is you then why not consider connecting with me for some coaching.

Head to my Etsy shop to book yourself onto my latest ONLINE sewing course for some 1:1 lessons. I can help you make friends with your machine and get you on your way to achieving your sewing goals.

online sewing classes

In this short 2 part course we will connect online and I will provide you will digital resources to print at home as we work through some fun exercises that will help you get to know the ins and outs of your own sewing machine.

Session 1 we will take a look around your machine and find all the essential features using a PDF checklist.

I will coach you on the quickest way to thread your machine and get set up ready to sew, then you can take a driving test (not a real test obviously so don’t panic, but a great exercise for building your confidence).

Sewing driving test

Session 2 we will talk Stitches and get to work on a simple stitch project that will help you understand what your machine has to offer. This project has been a huge hit with my students so far and gives you a handy pin cushion to use in the future.

Stitch sampler pin cushion

Pattern template and instructions will be sent to you in PDF form in case you wish to make notes. You can also download this project individually in my Sewing Club members page (if you are not a member yet sign up now)

For the project in session 2 you will need the following materials. If you don’t have any kit yet I can send the required fabric etc out to you (you can request this when booking onto the course)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch before booking

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