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DIY Poster frames

We have several posters and prints around the house and I’d been looking for the right way to frame or hang them.

I love the retro wooden dowel hanging frames but they seem to cost a lot for what they actually are, especially when you need several, so I decided to make my own. My poster is 50cm wide and total cost of materials was £5. I’m pretty pleased with the results so here’s how I did it…

To make one frame you will need the following


  • Wooden batons x 4
  • Mini magnets x 8 light to medium weight posters (x16 for heavy prints)
  • String / cord approx 50cm


  • Small drill
  • Small hack saw
  • Lightweight sand paper
  • File with sharp edge

For each poster you will need 4 thin wooden batons, just the type you get at a general hardware shop, I chose 200mm x 2mm. Each piece will need to be the desired width of your frame so ideally the width of your poster or wider.

You can buy the wood in long lengths and cut them yourself or do as I did and ask the store to cut them for you which may result in a nice clean cut and less to do at home (Bonus!).

Step 1

First we need to pre drill holes for the mini magnets to sit into the batons.

Mark 2 points on one side of each dowel (Make sure these match on all batons) for heavier posters/prints make 4 holes in each and add more magnets.

diy wooden hanging poster frames

Measure the magnets size and depth, I used 2mm thick nano magnets bought on ebay (super strong!)

Pre-drill small holes in each baton so that the magnets will fit neatly into. NOTE – BE CAREFUL NOT TO DRILL ALL THE WAY THROUGH! It’s very important that the magnets only sink into the wood and lay flush so that they can connect through the poster.

Step 2

Glue the magnets into each pre drilled hole. IMPORTANT – Make sure that you lay the magnets so that a positive will engage with a negative on the opposite baton when they touch otherwise they will not magnetize they will repel. I advise a fast drying glue so that you don’t have to wait to proceed.

Step 3

Whilst the glue is drying, take one of your batons and mark a line approx 10cm from either end on the wrong side of you batons (the same side as the magnet)

With a sharp tool File a line/ridge into the baton on the marked line. This will provide a groove for the hanging cord to nestle into when you construct your frame.

Step 4

Cut a length of cord suitable for hanging your poster and tie a knot in each end.

diy poster frames freckles and co blog

Lay the cord into the ridges you filed in the previous step creating a hanging loop for your frame.

Step 5

Now construct your poster frame.

diy poster frames freckles and co blog

Lay your poster/print down and attach a baton on either side of the top and bottom edges.

And there you have it, the magnets should draw together through your poster and create a secure hold for your print, the bottom batons acting as a weight to keep your print hanging flat.

You can use this method for any lightweight print and play around by painting or staining the wood and changing the colour of your cord to match compliment your print.

Any questions welcome. Share with me on social media with @frecklesandcoblog

Poster seen bought from Present Indicative online

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