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Jodrell Bank field trip

One of our favourite science field trips is Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.

We’ve been to Jodrell several times and always enjoyed it, today we went to one of their Home Educators sessions.

Jodrell Bank Lovell telescope

Lovell telescope Jodrell Bank

First part of the event was a science show which started with a background into how Jodrell bank came about back in 1945, how the Lovell telescope works and what the scientists are observing in space. The talk included some great visual slides and a series of cool experiments pitched perfectly to engage the kids but also factual enough for the adults too.

We learnt about rockets, infrared light and watched a black hole gobble up a star! I won’t say too much in case you go to one of these sessions in the future. But there were laugh out loud moments and oohs and ahhs galore.

After a break and time to have lunch we attended another session called ‘Meet the expert‘. This was a nice short presentation about black holes in particular and then a chance to put questions to a resident expert scientist.

One thing that stuck in my mind was the poinient statement he made about following your dreams. Apparently he’d been in a regular day job and given it all up later in life to study science. He said ‘Life is so short, try to do something that excites you and makes you happy!‘ Amen to that, I choked up a bit actually because its so true. I always think science helps you see the bigger picture and put into perspective just how small we are and what a miracle life on earth is.

There is so much to see and do at Jodrell bank for space lovers so before and after the shows we took advantage of the hands on fun at the Space and Planet pavillion buildings.

Clockwork Orrery

When we got home the kids gave the trip 9/10 which is pretty high ranking. Finally home I asked the kids to make a picture for their Science scrap books and here is what they came up with.

Apparently ‘Spaghetified’ is an actual word so throw that into your next game of scrabble.

If you are thinking of visiting Jodrell Bank see their website for more info, directions and booking information.

Join their Home Educators mailing list here

There are also lots of learning resources on their website to download for use at home which is a great follow up to your visit.

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