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We headed into the city this week to watch an Into Film screening and spend some time at one of our favourite places in Manchester Central Library.

We saw some free tickets available for a screening of the Disney film ‘The Princess and the Frog‘ at the Library. It’s a film we haven’t seen and we will take any opportunity to head into the city for a cultural field trip.

Into Film tickets are FREE if you can get hold of them and we jumped on a tram from our nearest station to keep costs down even further. It’s costly parking in the city, whereas a family tram ticket costs around £6 and we get dropped right outside the Library at St Peter’s square.

If your kids are interested in Films and Film Study ‘Into Film‘ is a great website full of inspiration, learning resources and a calendar of screenings all over the UK. You can join for free, download study resources to make the films educational, join film clubs and also review the films you’ve watched.

After the film we took a lunch break and settled in for a couple of hours immersing ourselves in books at the library. It’s one of our favourite activities actually, it’s a joy to see kids get fully engaged and lost in a story, excitedly stacking up books to look at and settling in for the duration, only looking up in search of snacks. One thing I like about Central library is that they don’t seem to mind you eating and drinking so we usually take a full on picnic.

Lower ground is where to find the Kids section and also my favourite the Reference section. Upstairs you can also have some fun with the electronic book cases, the kids like to play chicken and trap each other in the different sections, but as long as they are enjoying the library environment I don’t really mind, we haven’t been kicked out yet!

The next day we followed up the film with some discussion and written work from an Into Film PDF. Analysing the characters and discussing the setting also led us into some Geography and History work which was really interesting.

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